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In an alternate history where the Church rules Europe through the Holy Roman Empire, a young woman is hunted for witchcraft as she seeks the purpose of her family’s dark powers.

When second-year Dresden University student Nell Blythe is accused of witchcraft, not even the Holy Office knows just how guilty she is. She may not believe in spells, but she does have frightening abilities she keeps hidden and can’t explain. The same abilities that made her mother infamous, then got her killed.

Forced to flee, Nell meets a powerful stranger with abilities like hers. He can answer questions about her mother and their dark gifts that she has spent her whole life asking. But she is not nearly prepared for what he will show her. No one is.

As the Holy Office closes in on her, how far will Nell go to uncover the secrets her mother died for? Secrets that could cut to the heart of the Church itself.


About the author:

Matthew was born in South Africa and grew up there, but now lives in the Netherlands with his wife, new-ish daughter, and two terrible/wonderful cats. He spends much of his time working in a part of the investment world focused on social impact, and the rest writing novels that have nothing to do with that. Matthew is drawn to dark stories told with hope and humour, and can often be found trying to convince people to listen to The Offspring and watch Lord of the Rings movie marathons. The novel will also be published in Armenian translation.


Praise for The Tilted Pentagram

"Every once in a while, dark stars align and a book is birthed in a fiery nebula as if it has been written just for me. The Tilted Pentagram is such a book." - Nerine Dorman, author of Dragon Forged

The Tilted Pentagram | Matthew MacDevette

Expected to ship by mid-June.

This edition will only ever be available on our website, and there will only ever be one print run.

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