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SE Tolsen

For fans of Stephen King and Stranger Things.

Two eyes bore into him from across the room. They're not her eyes. They're the same colour and shape, but they're not her eyes.

'I see you.'

Silas didn't have a happy childhood. Aunt Bunny made sure of that. But out of money and almost out of time, Silas and his girlfriend Rose are forced to return to his childhood home.

Back to the darkness, back to the woods, where addiction and hedonism are disguising something much more sinister ...

Plagued by strange, unnerving events, Silas is drawn back into the family by an ancient presence deep in the woods. It will not let him go, and neither will Bunny.

A haunting psychological-supernatural thriller that delves into the role that addiction plays in family dysfunction, and how it inevitably changes everyone around it. A chilling, page-turning tale about love conquering most ... but not all.

Waypoint Seven

Xan van Rooyen

An orphan with a terrible secret, transgender Runo ekes out a living with his found-family in the remote city of Askeria by scavenging magic detritus fallen through the Fray for his brutal scav-boss.

Life has always been a struggle for city strays, but as the High Priestess begins condemning those with unsanctioned magic to death, Runo knows the only way he and his crew will survive is if they leave Askeria for good. But escape doesn’t come cheap. Runo's crew thinks their troubles are over when their scavenging leads them to an angel, intact and—unfortunately—very much alive with their own agenda.

While trying to evade his scav-boss, save his girlfriend from succumbing to the magical flesh-eating disease known as the Rust, and worse, Runo’s past catches up with him even as he and his crew uncover a shocking truth that will not only rewrite the history of Askeria, but change the future of humanity forever.

Cover_Waypoint_Seven_Stephen Embleton_2024_sm.jpg

The Tilted Pentagram 

Matthew MacDevette

Limited edition hardcover available for pre-order now!

In an alternate history where the Church rules Europe through the Holy Roman Empire, a young woman is hunted for witchcraft as she seeks the purpose of her family’s dark powers.

When second-year Dresden University student Nell Blythe is accused of witchcraft, not even the Holy Office knows just how guilty she is. She may not believe in spells, but she does have frightening abilities she keeps hidden and can’t explain. The same abilities that made her mother infamous, then got her killed.

Forced to flee, Nell meets a powerful stranger with abilities like hers. He can answer questions about her mother and their dark gifts that she has spent her whole life asking. But she is not nearly prepared for what he will show her. No one is.

As the Holy Office closes in on her, how far will Nell go to uncover the secrets her mother died for? Secrets that could cut to the heart of the Church itself.

The Tilted Pentagram cover

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