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Announcing: Arcana Editions

Let's not try and fool anyone – we love books. Like, really love them. Books are an experience of words and textures and colours and page weight. They are symbols of a thousand-million lives we are yet to live. They inspire us and vex us and drive us to tears.

So, we're here to tell you that we're continuing to celebrate the art form of The Book, with capital letters. Enter: Arcana Editions.

That's right, dear reader. We're officially launching a new imprint!

So what can we expect from this imprint?

Arcana Editions are limited edition hard covers of Mirari titles. Each title published as an Arcana Edition will always:

  1. Have one print run only. Ever.

  2. Be limited to 100 copies. Ever.

  3. Only be available from our website. Ever.

Arcana Editions are the collector's editions, for the archivists and sorcerers and librarians and bibliophiles who appreciate the magic of the printed tome.

When and where can I get my fix?

Our first Arcana Editions title is currently available for pre-order. You can secure your AE copy of The Tilted Pentagram here (while stock lasts).

Can I submit a book to Arcana Editions?

All books published by Mirari Press will be released under Arcana Editions too. You can check out our submission guidelines here to see whether your manuscript is a fit for our list.


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