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Waypoint Seven

By Xan van Rooyen

Available for pre-order now!

An orphan with a terrible secret, transgender Runo ekes out a living with his found-family in the remote city of Askeria by scavenging magic detritus fallen through the Fray for his brutal scav-boss.

Life has always been a struggle for city strays, but as the High Priestess begins condemning those with unsanctioned magic to death, Runo knows the only way he and his crew will survive is if they leave Askeria for good. But escape doesn’t come cheap. Runo's crew thinks their troubles are over when their scavenging leads them to an angel, intact and—unfortunately—very much alive with their own agenda.

While trying to evade his scav-boss, save his girlfriend from succumbing to the magical flesh-eating disease known as the Rust, and worse, Runo’s past catches up with him even as he and his crew uncover a shocking truth that will not only rewrite the history of Askeria, but change the future of humanity forever.

Waypoint Seven cover

The Tilted Pentagram 

By Matthew MacDevette

Available for pre-order now!

Set in a world where Europe is ruled by the Church, The Tilted Pentagram follows a young woman hunted for witchcraft as she tries to find out the origin of her family’s dark powers.

The Tilted Pentagram cover
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